GGG Are Discounting All Stash Tabs In PoE This Weekend

This weekend In Path of Exile, GGG are holding a Super Stash Sale where they’re discounting all Stash Tabs. Everything has been discounted, including the new Fragment Tab, Map Tab, Premium Stash Tab Bundles, Premium Quad Stash Tab, Essence Tab, Divination Tab, Currency Tab and Guild Stash Tabs.

And they have just introduced the Fallen Angel Wings that will perfectly complete the recently released Fallen Angel Armour Set. You can visit the following video. Bear in mind that the sale runs all weekend and ends at Apr 30, 2018. There are some poe items for trade on U4GM.

The set definitely looks better with the wings than without, but the fact that both the armor and wings have spikes on the sides is a little overboard.

This set in particular makes me wish there were price tiers for armor sets because if you had to choose between fallen angel and anything else you would be hard pressed to pick it at the same price.

Lately I buy all the league and 4th tier expansion supporter packs and it’s still not nearly enough points to keep up with the juicy stuff I’d like to get. Don’t even get me started on the gambling boxed, but that’s on me of course.

Anyway, I believe the pricing for cosmetics is way out of whack, from a consumers point of view. It’s like everything is priced at a premium and there’s no middle and no bottom tier bar some exceptions you can count on one hand.

I’d really like to see some change in that department. A collection of reasonably priced stuff throughout all categories without any bling, then pricing like we have now for mega bling and something in between. Just makes much more sense in my opinion.