Why That Wakawallaballaa Map in Path of Exile?

So I’m a casual that wanted to attempt a 100 map challenge, but with a few rules:

No racing – Even though i wanted to be efficient, i wanted to play like a human being, especially if it will be for multiple hours. Track all time – I wanted to track as much time spent running the map including administration. Do you want to poe buy items? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

path of exile

So this is what I did. I ran a timer on my phone the moment i started the first map. All actions that require me to either run the map, or prepare for the next map were included. This means all vendor time, all identifying time and all stashing time. The total time does not include the time it took me to get all 100 maps, or the time spent organizing my stash. Whenever a trade came through or i was needed for something, i paused the timer before leaving the map, and restarted it after i came back through the portal.

Why that wakawallaballaa map?
This map seems to scale really well with the beast league. Wearing no iiq gear other than 2x Lori’s lantern, common beast-capture lootsplotions tend to look like THIS, occasionally it looks like THIS or THIS. Plus, its a really cheap map at 1 chaos each.

Additionally, the map has a native spawn of sea witches, and you regularly get all the beasts needed for the orb of horizons beastcrafting recipe. Why is your time so slow. Are you the slowest no-arm casual to ever log into POE? I can understand that my total time of 7 hours and 33 minutes for 100 maps might seem excessive, but let me explain :

Many people like to time themselves running a map 3-4 times, and then boast about being able to run it in 90 seconds or whatever. These numbers exclude real life situations and everything else in and around poe that eats up time. This includes :

  • My 250 ms ping
  • Loading screens
  • Accidental beast kills(which need to be necro-netted)
  • Good rng maps where i have to visit town due to full inventory
  • Quick breaks(and forgetting to turn off the timer for the odd 20-30 seconds here and there)
  • Distractions from people/friends
  • Laziness
  • Additional spawns like breach or abyss
  • Many more

My time should be consistent for a normal person who cant sustain 90 second maps 100 times in a row perfectly every time.

My average map time over 100 maps was 4 minutes 33 seconds.

Where’s the data!?
Here is my spreadsheet. I added a 2nd tab with some notes i had during the running process if anyone is interested.