Menagerie’s Beast Storage Limit in Path of Exile!

Menagerie still won’t warn you when limit of beast storage is reached. You still can’t manually get rid of beasts you don’t need, only way is random beastcraft. Nor you can choose which beast you want to substitute with new one you just captured. Game will decide it on it’s own and to my knowledge it doesn’t descriminate between for example valuable Craicic beasts and random higher level rare beasts, so you can easily lose currency that way, because Craicic beast of lower level will be removed.

poe discussion

If Menagerie can’t remove any beast, capture actually fails and you lose that beast, but you still receive deceiving message telling you that beast is captured and “First ones look upon this capture with pride, exile”. If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.

Why there is beast limit to begin with? Beasts are essentially just items and there is no limit on how much items you can keep in your stash, so it shouldn’t be because of techincal issues. If GGG wanted neat feature to showcase beasts in your Menagerie for visual pleasure and this is why they can’t allow you to have too many beasts. In that case just limit how much beasts of certain types can be shown and let us choose which ones to showcase?

This is a fundamental issue I have with GGG’s design. They imagine a complex system and implement it live without knowing the longer term game loop/qol aspects. Talisman had this exact same issue. With beastiary, they had to resort to clunky fixes (necromancy nets, beast orbs) that still don’t address fundamental issues. Something like beastiary should have had the UI gameplay loop/qol designed first. The menagerie is such a collalsal waste of Dev time and server space. Bestiary just reinforces the whole “do they even play their own game?” They play on test servers, but definely not nearly enough on the live realms, for a FULL league. How many designers got all 4 beast maps on live? T15 elder? Uber elder? On live league realm?

I think a fundamental problem is they skip the whole RNG because they are on test servers and can just instantly access all content instantly. They are missing the HUGE RNG variance, time, and effort just to even see some of the content. How many times have they leveled masters during a league? Trials? Lab? Atlas completion? Do they understand how utterly boring it is when you do it every league, then have to jump through RNG hoops to even see endgame or new league content?