Fallout 76: Discovering the Most Underrated Weapons in the Wasteland

A proper weapon is essential in Fallout 76, which determines whether we can win in the game. ​While many players gravitate towards popular choices, several underrated weapons deserve more attention. If you want to try more weapons, then Fallout 76 caps for sale in U4GM will help you. Let’s explore some of these hidden gems the Fallout 76 community has identified.

The Slug Buster: A Hidden Powerhouse

Fallout 76 The Slug Buster

One weapon that stands out is the Slug Buster. This energy weapon packs a punch with its increased damage output, though it comes at the cost of higher AP consumption. However, players have found a workaround by using the 25% less AP cost legendary effect, making it a formidable choice for those who can manage its quirks.

Unconventional Melee Options

Fallout 76 Auto Axe and Chainsaw

For those who prefer getting up close and personal, the Auto Axe and Chainsaw have been praised as effective choices. These weapons become particularly potent when combined with the Overly Generous perk on a bloodied build. They’re especially useful in public servers, where their continuous damage can make short work of enemies.

The Versatile Gamma Gun

Fallout 76 Gamma Gun

In private worlds, the Gamma Gun has been noted as a surprisingly effective weapon. Its unique radiation damage can be useful against certain enemy types, making it a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal.

Explosive Weapons for Special Occasions

Some players have found success with explosive weapons, particularly during specific events. A Scorched Explosive weapon, for instance, can be highly effective during the Scorchbeast Queen (SBQ) event. Additionally, having an Anti-Armor and a Troubleshooter’s variant can be beneficial for events like Test Your Metal and Operations involving robots.

The Underappreciated Harpoon Gun

One weapon that often flies under the radar is the Quad Harpoon Gun. Despite its slow fire rate, it boasts the highest base damage in the game outside of explosives. This makes it both a fun and deadly option for players looking to try something different.


While popular weapons will always have their place in Fallout 76, exploring these underrated options can add a new dimension to your gameplay. Apart from that, we can also craft some advanced equipment using items such as stable cobalt flux, which is also a great source for us to get advanced items.