The World Of Final Fantasy III Will Be Replayed In Final Fantasy XIV

Eureka’s banned area of Final Fantasy III will become a special area in the forthcoming update of Final Fantasy XIV.

MMORPGs in the Final Fantasy franchise are always famous thanks to the “integration” of the details of the old game in the world. This is actually a form of “fan-service” which is very popular in Japan in particular and the world in general. Final Fantasy XIV is obviously not out of the norm. In the forthcoming 4.25, a complete Final Fantasy III dungeon will be reproduced in the most successful MMORPG series of the series.

Eureka Anemos1

If you do not know, the Forbidden Land of Eureka is a high-level dungeon of Final Fantasy III, which allows you to farm nearly all of the most powerful equipment in the game. On March 13th, this dungeon will be re-enacted as an island in the Far East’s Glass Ocean. It will be a large and open area, allowing 144 players to join together to help each other accomplish certain goals and defeat powerful enemies.

In addition to the rare rewards and equipment, the Eureka Forbidden Area of Final Fantasy XIV will also provide players with unprecedented levels of play. Here, instead of experience and common equipment, gamers will get some kind of “elemental” experience and dungeon features. Through a new mechanism called Magia Board, players can use the same elements to attack the opponent. The mutual advent of the elements also plays a decisive role in the Eureka Banned Land.

Ever since the first news came out, the new Patch of Final Fantasy XIV has received immediate commendations from the community. With 144 players involved at the same time, this is obviously a huge dungeon with countless details to explore. The cooperation between players will certainly be appreciated, when no one or a small group of people is able to defeat a hundred-person Boss with only his own strength.

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