The World Changes In Path Of Exile 3.2

In Path of Exile, players may know, the Bestiary Challenge League comes to PoE. As a result, most of the content in the game has been update, the following are the world changes in PoE 3.2.

Path of Exile

  • You can now enter The Control Blocks in Act 10.
  • The Weaver’s boss room in Act 2 is now smaller. It is now more difficult to avoid spawning spiders.
  • Reworked the layout of The Harvest in Act 4. It now has fewer dead – ends.
  • All versions of The Crypt in Act 7 now contain the Bundle of Woe unique monster.
  • Disabled the ability to click on Weylam’s ship from The Brine King’s Reef to travel back to The Beacon. You can still talk to Weylam to return to The Beacon. This was to prevent accidental back-travel.
  • The Mountain Hounds and Mountain Hound Alphas have been renamed Mountain Hellions and Mountain Hellion Alphas.
  • The Mongrels have been renamed Ruins Hellions.
  • The Viscous Parasites have been renamed Vicious Parasites, as they are actually pretty solid.
  • Several beasts with the same names as other beasts but different behaviours have been renamed to make Bestiary collecting less confusing:
  • The tentacled versions of Goatmen, Rhoas, Hellions, Avian Retchs and Cobras are now called “Elder-Blessed” to differentiate them from their un-tentacled forms. The same goes for the rest of the tentacled creatures that come from Elder-Influenced maps.
  • Goatmen that generate Endurance Charges are now called Goatman Stompers.
  • Hellions with parasites are now called Enslaved Hellions.
  • Crustacean Snipers that don’t deal Cold Damage are now called Rock Spitters.
  • Crustacean Snipers that do the swishy tail-shoot skill are now called Crustacean Pelters.
  • Cave Crustaceans that deal Cold Damage are now called Deep Crustaceans.
  • Crypt Weavers that can Flicker Strike onto you are now called Crypt Ambushers.
  • Croaking Chimerals are now called Chimeric Croakers. All other frog-like Chimerals are also now some variant of Croaker.
  • Sand Leapers that don’t leap-slam are now called Sand Skitterers.
  • Rooster Demons that can Viper Strike are now called Rooster Fiends.
  • The unique beasts in the Chimera Guardian fight have been renamed to differentiate them from skills granted by Bestiary unique items.
  • The area in Act 9’s Rotting Core with Sin is now called The Black Core.
  • The Twisted Inquisitorium (Vaal side area) now resembles the Crimson Temple map visually.

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