The Celestial Shield Comes To Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, GGG has just released the Celestial Shield which replaces any shield with a bold and golden starry-themed shield. GGG said that this is their very first shield with its own animation as the pieces spin around each other in a fashion similar to the map device.

Celestial Shield: Replaces the appearance of a shield with the Celestial Shield. Shield effects can be applied in the Cosmetics tab of your Inventory. They replace the appearance of any shields you equip. It looks great with the Celestial Weapon Effect and coincidentally it also happens to pair quite nicely with Spectral Shield Throw!

Path of ExileLet’s take a look at the different perspectives of players:

1. Nice shield by the way. So I’ll need to build a spectral shield throw char for this.

2. Any chance at some point more MTX for the different skills will be made for example freezing pulse and other skills which don’t have any alternate MTX?

3. Why are shield MTX so few and why do the few ones always look completely out of place? I just want something that looks like an actual wooden or metal shield.

4. A valid question sir, there are many existing MTX sets long overdue for corresponding shield skins. In addition, I would again reiterate that the various Oriath uniforms are also long overdue as well.

5. So much new MTX coming out and still no new bow MTX or like lightning golem MTX and MTX for other skills. It would be really nice to get new bow MTX one that looks good and not super plain like the ones in there now.

6. It looks good, but I with this and the armor set had a bigger space ratio.

GGG will of course keep working to improve every aspect of the game they can.