MU Legend: New Update Coming On The 9th Of January Faction War

MU Legend is the next in line to be released, after the long-lasting classic MU Online and recent games such as MU Legend and MU Origin, establishing the MU franchise for the next generations. Webzen has announced the release today of the Faction War update in the open beta of MU Legend. Furthermore, the guild war update is the last important step towards a final OBT version of MU Legend. No more waiting, players are capable of getting more news and informations at here:

MU Legend

Given that MU Legend has not too long ago introduced the update to MU Legend, we now want to talk about our new update coming on the 9th of January: Faction War. This new challenge, a true “Premiere” in the ARPG games genre, invites the avid guilds and PvP players to conquer territories of other guilds in epic PvP games. The guilds will be able to challenge each other to ascend the server and show which players will hold the supremacy.

In the faction wars you have the opportunity to conquer with your guild special guild areas and fight against other guilds for dominance on the server. Publisher Webzen has announced the release of a major update introducing fractional warfare into MU Legend. Guild wars in MU Legend run like tournaments by turns, rewarding each participating guild. In the final it decides which guild wins the war – until the next battle starts.

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