The Whole Concept Of MU Legend Is Based On Developing The Hero

MU Legend has been produced as a successor to the MMORPG MU miracle earth that has been serving for 13 years for a long time. While Webzen is working on a December update with PVP features, there are plans for a new content that combines social and PVP features. The fundamental elements such as simple UI and easy operation, depiction of quarter view and more.

MU Legend

The whole concept of MU Legend is based on developing the hero. In addition to the above-mentioned soul levels, we have the opportunity to raise our skills to master levels. This is done in a simple way – just use them. Added to this are artifacts with own bonuses for our hero. In addition, we also have wings known from the original that affect the stats of the character.

We have a lot of things (not to mention the equipment, of course) that we can expand. For this reason, we devote all our time to crawling various dungeons. In some we will find a better weapon, others are used to collect reinforcements to the wings, and the next ones are a paradise for animal breeders. In MU Legend, you will learn how to get a true ally, how many pets are allowed to use at the same time, how to pump your little creature and more.

According to the developers, we will continue to add PVP content to the global version of MU Legend in accordance with our development plan, while also maintaining our efforts to expand the functions in the PVE. Although hack & slash games are usually more PVE oriented, from Webzen we believe that MU Legend also allows players to explore the PVP aspects of the genre at the highest level. The best place to buy MU Legend Zen, U4GM.