Path Of Exile Is Inspired By The Diablo Series

Path of Exile is a free action game and role for PC that follows the model “free to play” to offer a similar experience to Diablo in which we must choose between a character class and then make it evolve where we want, while facing hordes and hordes of enemies in the game dungeons. You should know that Path of Exile debuted on PC in 2013, and during this time it has received good reviews from the players.


The game is inspired by the Diablo series, and players have specific tasks when choosing a class they can customize, all with the goal of defeating waves of enemies. (Click here for cheap orbs)

Also, the game has microtransactions, but the developers say that this does not interfere with the gameplay. “We are very convinced of the business models of free games, so we made sure to completely separate our monetization from the gameplay,” the study said. “There is no way to pay to improve the richness of your characters, if you have a valuable article, everyone will know that you won it yourself.”

If you have known Diablo and have been “lying” for months with it. Surely you will not be able to ignore the Path of Exile – seen as a diabolical Diablo student. True to the name “post-Diablo”, from the graphics, dark scenery to the blood, mana is also designed not much different than its predecessor. However, with the most modern technology today, the image of the Path of Exile has been pushed to new heights with the power of 3D.

To be fair, the Path of Exile – despite its reputation as a Copy Cat – is Diablo 3, but the fact is, PoE brings in the full charm of an addictive MMORPG with heavy doses. All gamers are hard to avoid. And so the PoE community has been smolderingly active and full of passionate day after day until now.