NBA 2K18 Takes The Story Mode To Another Level This Year

NBA 2K18 is one of the most immersive sports games, the game also brings MT new innovation details. For NBA 2K18’s mode, it’s worth mentioning that MyCareer mode, the game add a new social world, The Neighborhood. The mode is complete with mini-games, a Foot Locker store to try on and buy new shoes and apparel, a barber shop, a movie theater and much more. We have some very low priced, NBA 2K18 MT for you that will greatly help you out.

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 takes the story mode to another level this year with an open world feel where users can venture around a neighborhood and do Grand Theft Auto-esque things. The 2K team’s improvement in its physics and animations engine allows the user more control with more natural-looking basketball. The result is immediately feeling a quicker game that’s more responsive, and that extends to the AI as well.

In terms of graphics, player faces are scanned and detailed better than ever and the body builds are also more realistic, especially for the thinner players that looked pretty odd in NBA 2K17. All in all, gameplay has taken a definite step up, building on a solid foundation and showing that there is much more potential in this year’s build.

For the game’s other mode such as MyGM, MyLeague, MyTeam and more information, visit the official website here. NBA 2K18 officially launched on September 19, though some fans were able to play the game earlier if they pre-ordered the standard edition or the legend edition. Buying and playing either edition early had its benefits, as players received bonuses such as outfits, MyTeam packs, Virtual Currency and more.