The High-Res Player Cards Not Worth Having in NBA 2K23

On the last day of March, 2K23 released a brand new card pack in the game – High Resolution, which are representatives of high-quality players who have proven themselves with excellent performance on the field. But this does not mean that all the players in the card pack are worthy of players. There will always be some players who could be better. At this stage of price increase, if you want to get a better player card, you need to buy enough NBA 2K23 MT.

Which High-Resolution cards aren’t worth keeping an eye on?

Shaedon Sharpe

Going big isn’t his best option, and his jump shot isn’t as good. Defensively he’s going to be better. He’s very good at fighting around the rim. Some nice badges are at the Pink Diamond level, including Quick First Step and Clamp Breaker at the HoF level.

Alex Caruso

He’s only six-foot-five with a six-foot-five wingspan and looks a bit like a Gary Payton-type PG, but the card doesn’t have a great jump shot, and he doesn’t have the dribble six like Gary Payton. He needs the Trey escape and the really good movement. This is a weakened version of Payton, so the status of this card in High-Res is not high.

Jeremy Sochan

This card brings a lot of value to the game. He’s 6’9″ with a 7’1 wingspan at the junior four. His defense will be 97 tackles, 97 tackles, 98 lateral velocities, 97 perimeters, and 95. Inside defense, he’s super athletic 94 speed, 95 vertical, 95 speed or 95 power, 95 vertical, 95 speed, 95 acceleration, has a pretty good dribbling ability, and also has MJ Dribble Style. But his jump shot is not good. Players who want to get him should think carefully.

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