The 5 Best Pitches From MLB The Show 23

The 5 Best Pitches From MLB The Show 23

Pitching is very important in MLB The Show 23, and the game also offers players a wide range of pitches, including Pinpoint, Meter, Pure Analog, Pulse, and Classic. A good pitch after we enter the game is the key to our success, which requires choosing an optimal pitch after we enter the contest. The following guide will introduce you to the 5 best pitches, and we can choose one of them after we enter the game.

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2 Best Fastballs

Two-Seam Fastball

The two-seam fastball is a famous pitch in MLB The Show 23. It is a type of fastball that can go right or left, depending on the throwing angle and arm. To throw a two-seam fastball, the pitcher must grip the ball with their index and middle fingers on the seams, with the thumb underneath the ball. The ring finger should rest on the side of the ball to provide balance, but not too much pressure, as this can affect the throw.


The cutter is a famous pitch in MLB The Show 23, as it appears to go straight and then break left or right, making it difficult for hitters to guess since their velocity is only off by one mile per hour.

Best Offspeed Pitch: Splitter

The splitter is a pitch close in velocity to a fastball, but it often catches hitters out in front, increasing misses and ugly cuts. To succeed in pitching in MLB The Show 23, players need to get a feel for the release point of their pitcher’s throwing motion, as each pitcher has their unique one.

2 Best Breaking Balls


The slider is a famous pitch in MLB The Show 23 that can be used to deceive hitters with its late-breaking movement. To slide in MLB The Show 23, players need to use the right stick on their controller. Pressing up on the right bar when approaching a base will result in a head-first slide while pressing down will result in a feet-first slide. Depending on the game’s settings, sliding may happen when a play is closed, or players can tell their player to slide.


The slurve is a pitch that combines the movement of a slider and a curveball, and it is not mentioned in the provided search results for MLB The Show 23.

After we enter MLB The Show 23, also to using the above pitches, we also need to have a large number of MLB the show 23 stubs, which can make us successful after entering the game.