Madden NFL 18 Tips: Earn Madden Coins Freely Through Play

Madden NFL 18 is a sports simulator. Fans of the series are waiting not just another part of the franchise dedicated to American football, because the game will first acquire a full storyline – Longshot. However, in this article, we’ll tell you some tips and tricks about how to make MUT coins.


The best way to get started on getting MUT coins fast and easy is to first put the work in and do some grinding on the solo challenges.

Further, Madden Coins, which are both earned freely through play as well as bought in lots for real money, cannot be transferred between console generations. So, again, the things you bought for real money can be transferred, but the money itself cannot.

Coins are earned by playing games, whether they be games that are played against other players, played in the solo challenges, or even just practice events. Essentially, any time that you spend energy, you’ll do something that can earn you coins. Every time you win a game in Ultimate Team, you earn coins. Those coins can be used to purchase packs of cards that contain players.

However, how you play Madden NFL 18 will cause you to earn far more bonus coins. If you win the game, you get bonus coins. If you rack up a high number of yards total in the game, you’ll also get coins.

Solo Challenges will earn you special cards when you complete them. The easiest ones will earn you cards, while the rank of the cards goes up as the challenges become more advanced and more difficult. Once you get it, you can either put it in you team or put it up for auction.

Sell cards in the Auction House, too, and you can get more coins. If you can effectively buy cards, then sell them for more than you bought them for, or split up card packs into single cards, then you can sell them and make a profit.

If winning games and accumulating coins is something you can’t wait for and you want to fill your team with stars now, you can use real currency to purchase packs with elite players. To get excellent players in Madden, finding a good place that have cheap coins for sale is very important. You can choose where you can buy cheap mut 18 coins.