Mu Legend Has Changed And Enhanced The Picture More Beautiful

Mu Legend uses the engine Unreal Engine 3, there will not be a system of wings and mounts, some missions, including chaos castle and blood castle, and as the story progresses the players will meet familiar characters. The game main builds a 2.5D/3D visual angle, and based on the darker style of the main character, but with a completely different character than the previous one. Make sure to keep an eye on U4GM and click here, as we’ll be updating with new information.

Mu Legend

Furthermore, the game still inherit many quintessence from the Mu Online is the column system skill, character class, wing system, enhancement equipment, mount parallel operations The name of the Mu as blood castle, devil square, chaos castle, battlefield, boss system is still intact but there is a big change in the landscape.

Mu Legend, focus on adventure in the fantasy world. Like Diablo, there is a fight both moment and team. Mu Legend has changed, developed, enhanced the picture more beautiful. There are a variety of systems to play PvP system guild dungeon system has added. Combat with many monsters and bosses. Including some cool new systems.

Mu Legend is a traditional MMORPG game, it is a small action to combine the fun to add to the game. The starting character will have 4 characters to choose from. One character will be visible, but can not be selected. We can see that the character we choose is not a traditional career, we choose each other. Gamers are in an attempt to buy cheap Mu Legend Zen & Mu Legend Power Leveling, U4GM should be the first option for you.