FFXIV Expansion Is Coming: Job Changes And PvP Changes

It’s glad to know that Final Fantasy XIV the second expansion Stormblood will be released on next week, it brings new job changes and more new content, including a number of changes are being implemented with PvP as well. More new expansion content and details, recommend you visit here.


A Number Of Changes Are Being Implemented With PvP

No more stuns in PvP
Sleep potency reduced
PvP attributes are determined and normalized by role
Gear no longer effects performance and is for glamour only
The melee directional requirements have been removed from all skills
Level restrictions removed so that any job over level 30 can participate
Combos are now consolidated into one button to free up space on the hotbar
PvP will now only allow 9 actions per job with two selectable actions and the adrenaline rush limit break

Job Changes
Part of the team’s effort for Stormblood has been to eliminate skill “bloat” that most notably came as a result of cross-class actions. With Stormblood, players will instead choose from Role Based Actions and be able to equip up to five abilities at a time. To make figuring out jobs a bit easier, a new interface called a “Gauge” specific to each class. It gives a more visual presentation of abilities and other useful information.

Stat changes are incoming, as well as the removal of some that may cause a few raised eyebrows: Parry is being removed and replaced with Tenacity that increases damage dealt and will only be available for Tanks. Accuracy is also being removed and replaced with Direct Hit and will be available for DPS. Block works from different angles rather than just in front.

According to the developer of Final Fantasy XIV, the game developer team is hoping for “Final Fantasy XIV” to have a very long lifespan, which means there is a chance. They believed deep down that Final Fantasy XIV is a truly successful gameplay.