The Elder Scrolls Online: More Information About “Horns of the Reach” And “Clockwork City”

Download supply for “The Elder Scrolls Online”: Bethesda has announced two extensions to be released this year. We have pictures and the first information for you.

For “The Elder Scrolls Online” or the add-on “The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind” you will find further download extensions. These are “Horns of the Reach” (release in August 2017) and “Clockwork City” (release end of 2017).


With the release of “Horns of the Reach”, two new dungeons are integrated into the game, including the Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. Bethesda also promises “exciting content” with the expansion. Added to this are new items, monster masks and achievements. You will be able to bring “Horn of the Reach” into your own possession as usual via the Crown Store in the game.

As part of the introduction of “Horns of the Reach”, the basic game will receive a free update. The content includes a new battleground (“Arcane University”), a new ruleset (“Chaos Ball”) and new homes, furnishings, cosmetics, crown boxes and holiday events. For the update the possession of “Horns of the Reach” is not necessary. For the battleground, however, “Morrowind” must be present.


“Clockwork City” again says, “Explore even more of Sotha Sil’s Clockwork City in this new DLC game pack coming to ESO. Daedric forces are at work once again – and your help is needed to prevent disaster. With over 10 hours of fresh content, Clockwork City will keep you busy later this year.” For “Clockwork City”, the possession of “Morrowind” is not necessary. Then, would you like to buy cheap eso gold from our site (click here) to better enjoy the new adventure.