Mu Legend Focuses Primarily On Battling Hordes Of Monsters

Mu Legend is the upcoming hack-and-slash MMO and long-awaited follow-up to Mu Online. Mu Legend is a slow to build game. Known as MU Online 2 for years and thought to be going through development hell for quite some time, MU Legend has turned out better than expected, if you like this kind of isometric action RPG. Some gamers are in an effort to buy Mu Legend Power Leveling.


Mu Legend is a Korean MMORPG which is a direct continuation of MU Online from 2003. An inside studio of Webzen is responsible for the development of the game. And do you know the history of Mu Legend? Mu Legend resembles Diablo series and focuses on dynamic fights with large groups of enemies. U4GM offers more professional news and guides:

More than 50,000 years ago there was a technologically advanced civilization and culture called Naascal inhabiting the continent of Mu. It was destroyed by a cataclysm, which resulted in the entire continent being absorbed by the Pacific Ocean. Of course, the Koreans significantly developed the vision presented in the books of Churchward and enriched it with elements of fantasy.

The game focuses primarily on battling hordes of monsters. The game starts with creating a character, then we go into the world to seek quests to complete, treasures to find, and enemies to kill. Our achievements are rewarded with experience points for which we develop character skills and teach him/her new ones. Gamers the need of enough Mu Legend Zen.