FIFA 15 Share Real Madrid won the Barcelona two general seriously injured

2014-15 west re-scheduled week 16 rounds of a game, real Madrid in the bernabeu against sevilla. J Ronaldo and Jese plug scoring in the first half, but ramos, J Ronaldo successively because of injury leave; O spitz pulled a goal back for sevilla in the second half, real Madrid 2-1 seville, leading edge la liga by 4 points.

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Real Madrid at the bernabeu stadium gains a victory, but victory is bitter, behind real Madrid with J Ronaldo has two key ramos out due to injury, including Colombia’s injury is serious. Real Madrid after the game the first time the diagnosis to J Ronaldo injury, was diagnosed with a “fifth metatarsal fractures of his right foot,” J Ronaldo will surgery within a few hours. J Ronaldo can only rely on a wheelchair activities at that time, can’t he walk normally. J Ronaldo will miss at least 2 months.

J Ronaldo now is the most like Colombia’s national team that J Ronaldo, in the absence of C ronaldo, real Madrid striker did not have the BBC combination, J Ronaldo was also had a chance to give full play to the advantages of. Real Madrid midfielder much a player, and J Ronaldo is therefore out of defence. Columbia can where is closer to the area of the activity, in this way, he was involved in the offense more opportunity, the chance of finishing is also increasing.

While gray within a similar injury, missed four months.Marcelo in 2012 also suffered the injury blow, absent for 3 months. Real Madrid another wounded ramos is expected to miss two to three weeks, with atletico will not match. No matter the J Ronaldo himself or real Madrid, the injury has brought huge losses.

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