Bilbao Barcelona seize the devil at home from fifa 15

West re-scheduled week 22 rounds at st mamet’s focus, runner-up Barcelona conquer “the devil” at home last season, 5-2 defeat bilbao fourth last season. La liga title race into the white-hot, real Madrid 54 points ahead, Barcelona by one point, followed by the defending champions atletico Madrid ranks third with 50 points. Mitsuo gradually behind the other team, valencia fourth place on 44 points, sevilla with 42 points down to the town after the defeat of the fifth round.

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Real Madrid this round in Madrid Derby 4-0 defeat to Barcelona would never pass up a good chance to close the gap, coach enrique sent elite. Frontcourt, led by Lionel messi, suarez and his midfield sent old and new combination, Kitty, busquets and captain Harvey. In the past two seasons, bilbao at home to Barcelona in la liga a win in a flat, Barcelona it hardly any opportunity for the opposition.

Barca in the 15th minute break the deadlock, refraction of messi first free-kick hits the wall, although goalkeeper eli, dives into the ball, but the door was lost. 26 minutes, messi sent out assists, suarez follow up shot expand the leading edge. 59 minutes, the midfielder pulled a goal back for the bilbao. The 62th minute, suarez post, messi volley volley that play upon defender DE marcos deflection access; Two minutes later, Lionel messi and then sent out assists, omar to expand the score to within 4 to 1.

The 67th minute, forward freddy adu ries to bilbao and pulled a goal back. The 86th minute, messi straight after circuitous dribbling in the terminal area on the right side, busquets crosses, just replace suarez pedro dpa for Barcelona. In la liga, top scorer cristiano ronaldo to 28 goals continue to ranked first, including 20 mobile warfare score and eight penalty; Messi running with 24 goals, including 23 mobile warfare score and a penalty. Omar in 16 ranked third, atletico Madrid striker Craig boltzmann with 12 goals in fourth.

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