Real Madrid overnight like a new detachment

“Atletico took advantage of Real Madrid’s tired.” After the game, Spain the As newspaper editor Alfredo concludes Atletico beat Real Madrid’s cause.

Alfredo said at first he thought Simone to give up its King’s Cup race and destroyed after Fernando Torres return to Atletico Madrid debut because the game against Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid starting lineup just for the sake of wearing substitute vests came on, but Simone eventually proved his shrewd, and he took full advantage of Madrid’s difficulties. While Real Madrid believes he can win at the Bernabeu to achieve reversal, but Carlo Ancelotti’s side are now declining is an indisputable fact. This game is the third defeat of Real Madrid after the World Cup, but lost the game more important than another. Christmas holiday changed the situation of Real Madrid, outsiders too much praise, plus Middle East tour, makes real Madrid become bad.

This service, Atletico 8 on bench, but these players are the backbone of Simone, while Real Madrid’s main force at, one less up front Cristiano Ronaldo, but Ronaldo is worth 8 players. Atletico Madrid during the half waiting, real’s tepid 442 formation offense, but only ISCO and Marcelo playing feel. Atletico played very confident, while Real Madrid appear incompetent, not brilliance.