EA FIFA Series Is the 2014 game Overlord into the number one hero

2014 is over, over the past 1 years, which manufacturer‘s work is mostpopular among players? Which games to sell out of stock? Who are the2014 game Overlord? Now, let us one by one, reveal the answer for you.

Recently, foreign media VideoGamer United Kingdom games sales charts aweek statistics, which show, industry giant EA Overlord is worthy ofthe 2014 Games, win the list number of the game is owned by EA rivalActivision 3 times, among them, the FIFA series EA number one hero.

fifa 15 coins - 8

2014 total 52 weeks, the FIFA 14 and won the FIFA 15 coins 15 times a week,in addition, of the Titans fall, owned by EA EA Sports the Sims 4 UFChas also repeatedly won the week. Overall, EA games won 22 weeklytitles, placed second by Activision, its work has won 8 times a week;for Ubisoft the third 7 times.


Then take a look at specific game works, 8 weekly won the Championshipof the FIFA 15 coins; followed by the FIFA 14, 7; Ubisoft‘s watchdog received6 times a week; Activision call of duty 11: advance wars and EA‘sTitanic fall won 5 times a week. But call of duty 11 due to the releasedate of late, and its success in 2015 will be continued.