Monopoly Go Partner Event Tips

Monopoly Go Partner Event Tips: How To Win All The Rewards

Monopoly Go always launches partner events where players are tasked with partnering up with someone else on the platform to complete tasks to win rewards, such as dice, tokens, and a purple sticker pack. In order to help players get all these rewards, this article will share five top tips to complete partner events easily in Monopoly Go!

Utilise Quick Wins

Quick wins are a great way to pick up coins to use at the partner event. Each day, each task will earn you a significant chunk of coins which makes this the easiest way to guarantee you are keeping going up. In addition, if you complete them each day for a week, then you end up with someone more useful such as a wild card or a purple sticker pack.

Take Advantage Of Free Dice

To have any hope of completing the partner event you are going to need to have a healthy supply of Monopoly Go dice. Make sure you are opening your prize box every eight hours to receive free dice (and potentially free coins too) while you should also regularly check Monopoly Go’s Facebook and Instagram pages each day as they often give away freebies on there, too. If you run out of dice on Monopoly Go then you are not going to be able to make your way around the board.

Partner Up With Someone You Trust

Choose your partners wisely! Make sure they are active and you can trust them enough to help build a toy with you. In order to vet partners, check your friends list leaderboard to see if they are active and what their Net Worth currently is. You may want to consider hunting around for more potential friends to join you in Toy Partners. There are many discord channels dedicated to Monopoly GO! One place to start could be the Official Monopoly GO! Discord where they even have a ‘Find a Partner’ channel.

Play Risky

The best tactic with the partner event is to go big or go home. For example, the wheel’s minimum bet is 20 coins, and the prizes on that wheel range from 60-1000. This just isn’t going to cut it. Ramp the wheel up to a multiplier you are comfortable with and let it spin. In theory, one spin on a x100 wheel (2000 coins needed) could complete. There are drawbacks to playing risky but as the time ticks closer to the end of the event, you are going to be forced to go big anyway so you may as well engage with this tactic from the start.

Focus On One Slot

During the Partners Event, players will notice four slots on their game board. These slots serve as locations where attractions can be built. Some players may fall into the trap of trying to distribute their coins across all four slots throughout the event. Not only could this lead you to be taken advantage of, but it’s also not going to get you very far. Focus on one slot at a time, earn the rewards on each one, and then move on to the next one from the base. It’s going to make it easy for you to keep track of where you’re at.

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