9 Best Ways to Get Monopoly GO Stickers

Monopoly GO is a fun and exciting mobile game where players can earn unique in-game collectibles called Stickers and use them to fill up their Sticker Albums to receive plenty of rewards. Currently, there are 21 sets of stickers in the game to collect, and here are the best nine ways to earn them.

    Daily Login for Free Stickers: Simply log into Monopoly GO every day to receive unique rewards, including Sticker Packs.

    Quick Win Objectives: Click on the “Wins” menu located in the bottom left corner of the screen and complete the listed tasks to earn sticker packs, coins, dice rolls, and other valuable rewards.

    Trade with Friends: Utilize the option to trade with friends in Monopoly GO. Trade any duplicate stickers you have for ones that you need, guaranteeing you receive new stickers.

    Collect Daily Free Gifts: Head over to the Shop section in Monopoly GO and click on the gift box in the top panel to claim a gift. The contents refresh every eight hours and may contain random stickers or valuable sticker packs.

    Buying on U4gm: Purchase desired stickers easily from U4gm, which offers the cheapest Monopoly GO Stickers for sale with a quick delivery time. They have a wide selection of rare cards available, and 100% safe.

    Community Chests: Open community chests with friends in Monopoly GO by spinning a roulette wheel that generates various rewards, including stickers, money, and dice rolls.

    Complete Color Sets: Earn more stickers by completing sets of properties on the board. Once a set is completed, you will receive a wheel spin offering free dice rolls, sticker packs, and money.

    Tournaments: Participate in temporary themed events and tournaments in Monopoly GO to earn exclusive sticker packs and limited-edition tokens. Achieve milestones and aim for top ranks on the leaderboard for additional prizes.

    Buy Packs for Stickers: Purchase select items in the game, including packs that contain a mixture of items such as stickers. Check the in-game shop or look for offers on the main game screen for better deals. This is somewhat similar to buy Monopoly GO Stickers on U4gm but much more expensive!

It ends here. These methods will help you expand your stickers collection and enhance your Monopoly GO gameplay experience.