Ten Fortnite Challenge Birthday Cake Location Tips

The Fortnite birthday cake challenge is often a simple single particular to clarify. This Battle Royale challenge tasks you with locating ten birthday cakes scattered and hidden around the map so you’ll have the ability to dance in front of them. Simple adequate, ideal? Accurately, effortless sufficient in theory, but more robust to achieve in reality should you do not know precisely where to appear for the ten cakes. Now U4GM shares with you Fortnite Challenge All Birthday Cake Place Guide. U4GM as an expert, Fortnite Items website, offers safe, quick and inexpensive Fortnite Weapons for you. With over ten years of excellence, we’ve served thousands of buyers. In the event you are hesitating where to buy Fortntite Materials, U4GM will be a good selection.

Fortnite birthday cake Lazy Hyperlinks place

You could make comprehensive these in any order you’d like, but we’re going to begin together with the northernmost birthday cake and after that go clockwise about the map within a circle. That suggests the first cake to complete somewhat dance in front of is located in Lazy Links, formerly recognized as Anarchy Acres, to the far north on the map. What you’ll like to do is the first head towards the southern end of Lazy Hyperlinks.
There is a road that runs just south of Lazy Hyperlinks and its golf courses. Go to the component from the way that is undoubtedly near the sand pits, and you will see this substantial cake just sitting correctly there on the side with the road. You may do any dance you’d like in front of it to complete this very first part of your challenge.

Fortnite birthday cake Wailing Woods/Risky Reels location

This one particular isn’t as apparent and simple to locate as the other ones are. For this one particular, head to either Wailing Woods or Risky Reels. It doesn’t matter which location you pick as the cake is situated just among each website. In case you are in Wailing Woods, you can desire to head northwest of the name Wailing Woods on the mini-map until you are outside the forest.
When you are in Risky Reels, head southeast till you are close to the edge of your woods. There’s a bit hill in between the places which you can see from afar that has the cake atop it. Head up the mountain and dance for the beat.

Fortnite birthday cake Lonely Lodge place

Your subsequent quit is just southeast in the Wailing Woods and Risky Reels birthday cake. You are going to desire to head to Lonely Lodge. This birthday cake is relatively simple to find, particularly for those who are coming from the path with the previous cake that we just covered. It is positioned around the western edge with the place close to the parked vehicles and RV’s.
You will discover it on a tiny hill overlooking the road and parked autos. Head as much as it and do your issue, and you’ll have this Lonely Lodge birthday cake portion of the challenge completed.

Fortnite birthday cake Retail Row location

Next up will be the Retail Row birthday cake place. You are going to choose to head for the area and visit the eastern section of the town. You’re going to seek out the basketball courts along with the homes near it as your next destination. After you have arrived near the basketball courts, you are close to this cake.
The cake is in the middle on the road in Retail Row near the courts plus the other buildings within the area. Check to make confident no one is around so they can not ruin your day. When the coast is clear, run as much as it, get your dance on, and you’ll have this location finished.

Fortnite birthday cake Paradise Palms place

Now, it is time to head for the only time in this challenge towards the new desert location inside the southeast quadrant of your map. This one of a kind desert place was added with the release of season five. Our position may be the central town inside the desert referred to as Paradise Palms. You will head to Paradise Palms, especially the northern edge of your hot scorching city.
This next birthday cake is positioned around the northern side of Paradise Palms, technically just outdoors in the town. In case you are approaching the city on the north side, it will likely be easy to see this subsequent cake. It’s positioned on a modest stool overlooking the entrance towards the city and just close to the road. It’s also insight in the welcome to paradise sign inside the town so if you see that sign; you are within the proper area.

Fortnite birthday cake Fatal Fields location

This particular birthday cake is straightforward to spot once you arrive at the destination. Your subsequent place to take a look at on the map is Fatal Fields. After you come to Fatal Fields, you can then desire to head close to the middle of the whole location. This cake is positioned almost entirely in the center on the spot with balloons nearby to guide you.
For the precise spot, you may obtain this cake appropriate in between the words Fatal Fields around the minimap. Head towards that a single tiny place, and you’ll discover this cake waiting for you personally there. Do your jig, and also you have completed this location.

Fortnite birthday cake Flush Factory location

Here is yet another cake that is indeed reasonably simple to spot when you head to that appropriate region. As noted above, your subsequent destination is Flush Factory. You will choose to lead this location on the southernmost tip from the map to find this relatively simple to spot birthday cake.
The Flush Factory birthday cake is positioned suitably near the northern entrance into the parking lot by the factory. Proper near the door can be a sizeable shiny toilet sign. You’ll discover this next birthday cake situated just in front of the toilet sign next to the door of the location.

Fortnite birthday cake Greasy Grove location

The following birthday cake is another a single that may be relatively simple and simple to obtain. You are going to would like to head to Greasy Grove close to the southern end from the map. The area of Greasy Grove that you’re going to would want to cause is suitable close to the northern entrance for the place.
From there, look correct on the principal road that goes by way of Greasy Grove, and you will find this birthday cake just sitting ideal here on the way. It is situated in between the basketball courts on one particular side and the Durr Burger restaurant around the other hand.

Fortnite birthday cake Loot Lake/Tilted Towers location
For this a single, you might choose to head precisely inside the middle between Loot Lake and Tilted Towers. To accomplish so, select one of the two places. For those who are coming from Tilted Towers, you might decide to go just northeast from the site for the edge from the lake. If you are in Loot Lake, head just a little southwest for the side on the pond.
It indeed is situated merely to the west in the river and around the southern shore of Loot Lake. It is relatively easy to see this even from far away, so long as you’re within the appropriate location, so having to it shouldn’t be a problem.

Fortnite birthday cake Pleasant Park place
To attain this birthday cake, you are going to choose to head to Pleasant Park. Just to the east from the center of Pleasant Park is a small gas station around the side. The gas station is on the eastern edge of the Park, and you will see balloons near it. The following cake is just a bit to the east in the gas station.
You’ll need to head east in the station to where you see a little hill with some trees. Head towards that, and you will see the substantial cake just a bit ahead of you. Merely dance in front of it, and you have completed this challenge as soon as and for all.