TERA: Ways of Level Up Your Character

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Sounds simple. Once you get to level 20, you will unlock your first dungeon ever! It is called Bastion of Lok and requires 5 players to enter (via instance matching). There are 2 ways to enter. First should be using the instance matching function which can be accessed by pressing Esc and look for the Instance matching button in the menu bar. Instance matching requires 1 tank, 1 support, and 3 DPS in order to enter. If there are not enough healers/tanks/DPS that would queue, you’ll never get in. You can also press H to open the Vanguard requests window and press “Find a group” button there. That Vanguard window is very handy, you will use it quite often.

Or just gather your friends or the people that are waiting in front of the dungeon and enter manually. However, it’s really advised to have at least 1 support if you’re going in without a tank. There’s no minimum party size with this method so even you and your friend can enter as well, or alone if you wish. But getting a full party means +400% XP boost so it would be a really good idea to enter the dungeon with as many players as possible (which will be always 5 below level 65).

Story Quests
Story quests will come and go, marked with a red/orangish! or a question mark if you advanced that given story quest. This is what you should do until level 20. After you finished one, there should be another one available. If it happens that your level is way higher than the story quest, no worries! You can skip the story quests and you can also go back anytime if you would like to finish it. No harm will come at you if you decide to skip one just to start another. Most of them are not even linked together, meaning you don’t have to finish all of them from the beginning to access them.

There might be a lot of story quests but as I experienced it’s simply not enough to level up all the way to 65. The story quest will guide you through from level 1 to approximately level 63-64. Once You hit 60, forget any other story quest and focus on the new one. Teleport with the “Airship platform teleport scroll” what you will get and start that quest nearby. The XP required between 60-61 is so much, only this new story quest can give you enough XP to level.

Yellow quests
You know, the basic sidequests. Once you get into a camp or something, there will be loads of yellow! above the NPCs whom will ask you to gather/kill/inspect stuff. These will give you mediocre XP compared to dungeons/story quests. Not recommended unless you go for achievements.

PvP action
One of the funniest (or dumbest) things that you can do to level up are the PvP games accessed from the Battleground matchmaking button (next to instance matching). Most important one, the Kumas Royale. It is a 10v10 minigame (not exactly PVP but you are against players actually…) where you take the place of 1 monster called “Baby Kumas” and you go against other 10 of these Kumas. So your class/level doesn’t really matter here. 1 player must take the place of the big mother Kuma by interacting with it (which should be F) and the goal is to survive and have more HP than the other big Kuma.

Your job is simple: survive as the big Kuma or deal as much damage to the opponent’s big Kuma as possible or defend your team’s big Kuma from the opponent. In order to gain the 1-day XP boost and the extra XP from this activity, you must win. If you do, you’ll get a nice amount of XP but only once a day. Can be claimed from the vanguard window (that can be accessed by pressing H, by default).

The extra XP can be claimed in Velika, marked with a green star above an NPC’s head. This will also give you a chest that you can sell in the broker for gold (or as you may know from other game, the Auction house). You can also see it on the map, by pressing M. In addition, you can go to https://www.u4gm.com/tera-gold, and it will teach you how to earn more Tera gold.