Which Old PoE Prophecies Do You Think Need To Be Deleted

In Path of Exile, I think it’s great we’re seeing new prophecies added, but can we get any old ones removed? Every collectors of path of exile currency have different opinions, let’s see what they think.

One player think that don’t think removing them is necessary, but hopefully we can get some changes that prevent high level characters from having to go back to low level zones for rewards that are worth far less than even the 1 minute it takes to complete them.

Path of Exile

One player think that should do the same with that drowned prophecy, our guildstash had a fair number of these, by the end. Everyone just uses 2 coins to get that trash out and move on to next prophecy.

Another player think that given the low rarity of silver coins we’re expected to get a lot of near-worthless prophecies and that’s fine. The only part that really irks he is being level 90, filling up his prophecies, and having 5 of them be uncompletable by running maps or any other content appropriate for his level. He’d rather have the stupid hunter’s lesson “steal a rare mob’s mods” prophecy over and over because at least he can clear that one out by mapping.

As for mine, I think that Alchemist doesn’t take that long – Act 8, Doedre’s Cesspool, has the monsters about 50% of the times when you go to the right of the waypoint. Same with Lasting Impressions, just enter the Lab entrance and read the tablet.

Plaguemaw isn’t even that bad, to be honest, other than the Gardens strongbox, and BotC is quite expensive every league. For his first prophecy you might as well run a sac fragment to try to upgrade it or get a vaal skill gem, the locations are rather short. God forbid you somehow kill all but one of the shadows in the crypt tho.

To be honest, I’d love to see some sort of marker, like the one Tora has, if a prophecy requires you to kill a group of monsters. Especially for the Feral Lord ones. It’s so easy to miss a single one or two of the pack and look for them for another 10-15 minutes.

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