NHL 18’s Features: The Creative Attack Dekes And The Defensive Skill Stick

Actually, NHL 18 has impressed us quite a bit. It’s now nearing the release date of the NHL 18, the developers on the EA SPORTS team seem to really want to make sure NHL 18 plays a clean, smooth game of hockey. Amazingly, in the beta the loading times are very quick. Whether loading into an offline or online game or switching from screen to screen, load times were speedy. You must strive to get more NHL 18 Coins from reliable website such as U4GM.

NHL 18

One of the announced features that was the creative attack dekes and the defensive skill stick. In line with the fluidity of the beta, both of these features work well and without a hitch. The creative attack dekes, when done correctly and at the right time, are satisfying and demoralizing for a defender if they are controlled by a human.

The more important of the two features in my opinion is the defensive skill stick, and it’s a fantastic addition to the game. It really changes the dynamic of how players on offense have to play, as they can’t do things at will the same way they did before. Being able to cut down or completely close off passing lanes and forcing an attacker to make the right decision is refreshing.

All in all, this game has definitely improved, fast gameplay, big hits, different ways to win all make NHL THREES one of the more fun game modes introduced to the franchise. Whether it was playing against the CPU or online against friends or random players, NHL THREES was so much fun that it was tough to put down. Be sure to check out more for the full review of NHL 18 when it launches on September 15 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.