EA Canada Is Showing Off NHL 18’s New Features Like NHL THREES

NHL 18’s the latest gameplay mode, NHL THREES, even if this mode is extremely significant, however, it’s not the only new feature for this year’s incarnation of the beloved hockey game franchise. In next month, NHL 18 is scheduled to release on Xbox One as well as PS4, EA Canada is showing off the game’s new features.

NHL 18

In order to bring a more fast-paced, high-risk/high-reward energy to online games, the team behind NHL 18 is now working on doing more. For brand new modes such as NHL THREES, it gives the whole game a more visceral feel. For the latest expansion team in the NHL, the Las Vegas Golden Knights will be making their digital debut and you’ll even be able to use the team in the expansion draft mode or customize your own team. Where is the best place to buy Cheap NHL 18 Coins?

The EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL) has a new 3-on-3 mode that they think will get more people playing online since it can be really, really hard to find enough friends to make up two who teams. In NHL 18, the regular passing system has more control than ever. Deke and puck controls have gotten a nice overhaul from last year and you can now use the stick with more ease in defensive situations.

For so many avid fans, they will be able to get their hands on NHL 18 for Xbox One and PS4 on September 17th. To be honest, the real stand-out new feature in NHL 18 is the NBA Jam inspired THREES. Players can play a full campaign mode in THREES and unlock things like jerseys, players and mascots. More details in relation to NHL 18, find more at here.