NBA 2K17 Guide: Shooting Guard Archetypes

If NBA 2K17 had no strongest game mode – MyPlayer, arguably, NBA 2K17 wouldn’t be as big of a success, thanks to 2K, now, it has dominated the NBA video game industry for several years, in a nutshell, thanks for in large to this feature.


In MyPlayer mode, players can create a custom player that can be used to play through story and career mode. Each year, the franchise takes their game to the next level with improvements to the story and big name stars as icons in the story. Are you expected to get cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC as soon as possible?

The mode allows you to create a player in any position and have the flexibility of customizing player measurements and playing style. We plan to run a series of articles that will analyze the various playing styles, or “archetypes”, that can be used and how these styles effect in-game action. We are kicking off the series with the shooting guard position where players will get to choose from five different archetypes.

What Are Archetypes?

Archetypes are preset playing styles for created MyPlayers. Selecting an archetype that fits your playing style is crucial and your MyPlayer base stats will default to higher or lower attribute stats in various areas depending on your selection. Below, we will go through the various archetypes available for the shooting guard position so that players can know what to expect when creating their MyPlayer.

LockDown Defender (Player Comparison: Tony Allen)

This archetype is probably less popular amongst players as you are essentially setting yourself up to succeed on the end of the court that receives minimal accolades and star attention. In the NBA, very few players are known as lock down defenders.

Overall, this player type will afford you a very nice overall player rating to start with as you will receive a boost in most of the athletic ability categories. Your bread-and-butter will be jumping passing lanes and getting steals in order to push a fastbreak offense, hopefully resulting in a score or assist. If you want to experience so fun game, and you need to made some preparation such as buy NBA 2K17 MT PS4.

Slasher (Player Comparison: Dwyane Wade)

This archetype is for players that enjoy driving to the basket and making layups or close range shots, even more so while taking contact. The player will have strengths in the layups and driving dunk categories, but will be relatively weak in outside shooting compared to other players at the position.

Speaking of this archetype, for those who over 6’0 players, it’s quite ideal, speed as well as strength will come in to play as you adjust, nonetheless, regarding your passing abilties will not be affected by size changes. On basic of playing style and goals for speed or strength, players can adjust the size of their created player. On top of that, for many players, they have chance to acquire cheap NBA 2K17 MT online.