Do Cool Things With The College Hoops NBA 2K17 Series

As we all know, information is starting to trickle out about the next edition of the popular NBA 2K series. And In any case, it’s hard not to imagine how cool of a companion piece to NBA 2K17—and standalone game—College Hoops 2K17 could be, but all of that is just a memory since the franchise was cancelled a little less than nine years ago. Bryant is honored as the cover athlete for the next installment of the popular video game series. He’s also featured in the new NBA 2K17 trailer.

The NBA 2K17 game doesn’t come equipped with the schools, courts, players and logos, but there are dedicated fans who have already uploaded that stuff to add to the authenticity. Downloading the full packaged mods is pretty simple. NBA 2K17 Gamers that have played and enjoyed other text-sims like Out of Park Baseball and Football Manager will know what to expect.

College Hoops NBA 2K17

If you’re unfamiliar with the type, you may want to find a free one, such as: Stellar College Basketball, just to see if you have a stomach for this style of NBA 2K17 game. If none of that scratches the itch for you, you’re probably going to forced to wait on the court system, the CLC, NCAA and one of the prominent publishers of sports video games to take the leap of faith back into the world of college basketball gaming.

It’s frequently that NBA 2K17 Sports launches an alternative Kobe Bryant-themed edition, similar to the higher priced “Michael Jordan Special Edition,” which included a Jordan NBA 2K17 poster, a Jordan fathead wall cling, digital Jordan shoes, jersey and t-shirt for MyPlayer, besides 30,000 addition VC and MyTeam VIP benefits. The inferior NCAA March Madness series continued for two years after College Hoops NBA 2K17 was stopped, but now there’s no collegiate basketball available for console NBA 2K17 gamers.

Just like “NBA 2K17’s” cover, the artwork features the cover star in three different jerseys again. While last year’s covers featured Steph Curry and James Harden in their NBA 2K17 uniforms as well as college uniforms, this year’s cover features George in his Pacers uniform and Team USA jersey. Initially, the cancellations came because of modest sales numbers, but now a potential return of the College Hoops 2K series is complicated by the licensing issues that burdened any potential collegiate sports video game.

Recently NBA 2K17 Sports released a teaser video for the upcoming basketball simulation game, NBA 2K17, which hinted at the possible exceptional features that would be included. The upcoming basketball game is expected to sport most of the features as requested by the gaming community. Will the locker codes system be revived in the latest installment? Simply paying the players a percentage of the monies earned from the use of their likenesses in the games seems like an easy fix, but the NCAA’s greed muddies the situation.

A recent settlement in the now infamous class action suit against EA Sports has been reached, but it’s still unclear when or if this resolution will lead to the return of college sports video games.

In more news, Design & Trend reports that the 2016 Olympics will be featured in the latest Basketball NBA 2K17 video game, that means the Olympics will be part of the new NBA 2K game. Its likely appearance is hinted by one of the jerseys worn by Paul George as the cover star for NBA 2K17 Standard Edition. Similar to its predecessor, George has three poses in three jersey variants, one of which is that for NBA 2K17.