FIFA 15 coin seller are not satisfied with red card from EA Sports

You may have already known that FIFA 15 1.05 update landed on PS4 and other platforms, but do you know that what is the big talking point since this update? It’s EA Sports’ red card to persistent FIFA 15 Coins sellers, which causes sellers’ complain on Twitter.

We have told you in the past that EA was finding ways to eliminate this naughty trend in the game, at the same time implementing other changes to make it more balanced and ‘fair’ for other players using the FIFA 15 transfer market.

Now, we can safely say that EA has dropped a few bombs and unsurprisingly, the FIFA 15 Twitter brigade is out in full force – hurling insults and abuse at EA in the process since they can’t cheat the system any more.

FIFA 15 coin seller, EA Sports

Not only is the abuse that we’ve seen on EA’s Twitter account sickening, but it’s also rather pathetic to see the type of demographic that make up FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players in the UK – just go on EA’s Twitter account and read the comments if you don’t believe us.

Wishing cancer on people simply because you can’t buy your discounted coins any more is a bit embarrassing truth be told and hopefully EA are planning to take further action to eradicate it from the game fully.

In the meantime, we’ve seen others really take it to heart such as a group who are now telling everyone to boycott FIFA games and play Konami’s PES franchise instead.

FIFA 15 coin seller, EA Sports

We’ve also spotted a petition over at, asking EA to reverse the changes in the latest update and allow the system to go on as it was unchanged.

What’s your feeling about EA Sports’ rea card to coin seller and are you affected by the changes? Just tell us, we are happy to talk with you.