Mixed response from fans: transfer market changes on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

We have already know that new game mode’s Price Range was been released by EA Sports, which aims to set the highest and lowest Coin prices that each item can be sold on the Transfer Market, including players, in-forms, consumables, and club items. But there are very different response from fans, some fans loves and supports, the others say they would not spend any FIFA 15 Coins on new mode.

EA has confirmed that the Transfer Market on PC has returned with Price Ranges enabled, with PlayStation and then Xbox to follow, following an extensive maintenance period earlier today.

Mixed response, new mode

“Although the new FUT item Price Ranges will differ from current prices, their relative value to other player items on the Transfer Market will remain consistent in order to maintain a level playing field for everyone,” a post from EAsports reads.

“We believe the long-term benefits of this new change will make FUT more fun and fair for everyone.”

But the new changes have sparked a backlash on Twitter, with one of the top trending terms featuring the hashtag ‘#RIPFUT’.

One fan wrote: “EA do you not realise what you have just done, rest in peace ultimate team, PES here we come!”