Wenger: young’s new signing Bielik is a genius, trained outstanding performance


Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger recently praised new signing Bielik (Bielik) is a talented player, and active at the training ground.

The 17-year old Poland players previously played for Poland Warsaw’s Legia Club and has represented Poland under 17 youth national team appearances.

Wenger confirmed Bielik and not expected to play in the last three weeks, Bielik but he is believed to have enough talent to be able to stand the first team. Wenger said: “it can be said that at his age, he has excelled. We will have to wait for his development. I have been on the training ground to see his performance. Poland has a winter break, so we are still in physical stamina training for Bielik, to enable him to recover as soon as possible. He is a young talent. ”

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