Liverpool manager Rogers said during the January transfer period the reds no signings.

Earlier rumors reds spending huge sums to sign Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, and was loaned out to Lille Origgi has returned to Anfield in advance. Liverpool spent more than 100 million pounds on signing last summer, and now the team has been rewarded.


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Had a bad start, in the last 9 games for Liverpool in the Premier League only losing 1. Current Liverpool remain top four hopes, but Rogers said he does not want to signings in January.

Rogers said: “in January, the team does not have any action. I have said before, we have no plans for the winter transfer period. Liverpool will have a hefty, this may just be a broker in which some tricks. For us, there won’t be any plan. ”

In Tuesday night’s League Cup semi-final first leg against Liverpool will face Chelsea at home.