Enrique: Barca should keep the State, have the opportunity to phase out Atletico Madrid

Barcelona coach Enrique was asked in an interview with King’s Cup one-fourth-finals rivals Atletico Madrid, he said Barcelona if you keep your status, opportunity knocked out Atletico Madrid.


Enrique said: “overall it’s going to be very difficult for a knockout, as Atletico Madrid is one of Europe’s best teams. We are well aware of your opponent and know their attitude and strength, we will ask ourselves to maintain a high standard in the two-legged contest. If we keep the levels, we have a chance to qualify. If you are unable to maintain, and may be very difficult. ”

Enrique didn’t want to talk about Real Madrid was eliminated, he said: “I don’t comment on other teams. “In addition, he also gave the Rafinha,” I hope he’s as good as every day during training. He is a talented player, will be a key player in the coming years. He should be in some way continue to make progress. ”

Referring to Munir, Enrique firmly stated: “I am very pleased with him. He started to play it, and seized his opportunity, and now he’s playing time is relatively small, it is difficult for the young players. ”