Martinez: Guardiola back to Barcelona, when a supervisor? So he’d go mad


Bayern Munich Defender Javi Martinez said in an interview talked about the rumours of Barcelona, Guardiola returned, Martinez said he cannot imagine the whole thing.

Spain media previously had reported said, Qian Barcelona President Laporta is expected to in 2016 invited will and Bayern contract due of melon PEP Guardiola returned to Barcelona served as sports competent, for such of news, Martinez said: “I knows melon PEP Guardiola in Munich very very happy, said truth, I cannot imagine he returned to Barcelona do sports competent, because he must to daily are constantly work, he must to daily are smell to turf of taste, otherwise words, he will not happy. ”

Martinez continued: “If Guardiola can only see the players train outside through the window, he will drive you crazy. ”

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