Ronaldo broke Bell visits 10-man Real Madrid assists j Lo 3-0 3 game losing streak

2014-15 La Liga season 18th round began, which sits at home against visiting Real Madrid Spain and Real Madrid eventually rely on j-Lo, Bell and Nacho’s goal, 3-0 win over Spain people. This also brought an end to Real Madrid’s 2015 year various events with 3 straight losses.


First warm-up matches Real Madrid lost to Milan in the new year, the last Real Madrid lost to Valencia to end their 22-game winning streak in the League, after Barcelona defeat by Real Sociedad, 1 points advantage that will let the Real Madrid continue to lead the way, on the Kings Cup in midweek, Real Madrid also 0-2 to defeat Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid also has victories in the new year. Real Madrid and Spain played a total of 160 people in history, Real Madrid 93 WINS, 33 draws and 34 defeats an absolute advantage, at the Bernabeu was 61 WINS, 15 draws and 4 defeats overwhelmed opponents. The two teams last played in last season, when Real Madrid’s 3-1 home victory over Spain people. First BBC partner in attack, ISCO, j Lo, cross deep midfield, modeliqi continue to sidelined, Carbajal and accumulates yellow card suspension, and Marcelo Ramos being rested.

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Spain the Aspen daily said the best Real Madrid came back, whether it is 11 or 10 people, Real Madrid overcame Spain people. This service, Bell did well, but he was not the only outstanding performance, ISCO owners in football, Krause returned to German reliable, dedicated fine Benzema. Spain and Real Madrid than it’s like two worlds, two leagues, have such an opponent, Real Madrid’s football was calm. After the defeat at Valencia and Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid of Spain who won a breathing space in the game, the team is expected to return to winning ways.