FIFA 15:Restoration of the lijiekaerdebasa?

Macy’s and Enrique, Barcelona, who would? It now appears that Barca skipper not only have the support of the fans, the Club also began to pour into the Macy’s side. A few days ago, Spain broke three TV scoop, says Enrique fastest in morning class after Barca’s match against Atletico Madrid. Brilliant was creating a dream team of Netherlands shuailijiekaerde going back to Barcelona.
名帅:巴萨卖老马凭啥保梅西Although after the midweek King’s Cup victory over Elche, Enrique said publicly that he has no contradiction with Messi, the Club also supported his work. In practice, however, Barcelona coach position is precarious. A few days ago, Spain TV three explosive material, said midweek King’s Cup after the end of the game, Messi told Barca President Ba Tuomei Wu conclave, Lionel Messi to Bartomeu expressed strong dissatisfaction with the coach Enrique, the latter to Macy’s promised change as soon as possible. Spain TV three also revealed that if Barca are not in the upcoming game La Liga clash against rivals Atletico Madrid, Enrique will pack up and leave.

Spain media speculation Barca coaching change in the news, in a King’s Cup match 5-0 win over Elche Barcelona fans gave the cacophony of Boos to the Enrique. Judging from the present situation, Barcelona must try to solve the contradiction between Macy’s and Enrique, must lay down one of the two cases, the Barcelona top will no doubt stand in Macy’s side.

According to Spain, the daily sports newspaper, have created brilliant Barcelona dream team of Frank Rijkaard as Barcelona coach most likely, Macy’s also Jaume Bartomeu’s affection for Frank Rijkaard, two people had a mentoring relationship. In addition, Germany shuaihaiyinkesi and Swansea coach Ronald Koeman is Barcelona coach candidates.