Blade Designed to cut Inter Milan Juventus

1-1 inter draw with Juventus in the away draw at Serie a leader, Mancini should be satisfied with such an outcome. Sagittarius wangyikaerdi team is once again the hero of the team, he helped the team to even the score, but worth mentioning is, Icardi to meet Juventus can often burst out enormous amounts of energy, met 4 times in his career with Juve, scoring 5 goals.


Facing serie a leader, Mancini still felt afraid, was discharged after he returned to inter for the first time single-striker lineup. Icardi as his first choice, Kovacic and aiernaneisi behind for his support. The first half, Juventus side that became stronger, they not only scored 1 goals early, there are many opportunities being resolved by Samir handanovic. But in the second half, Podolski’s play, inter’s offense completely open, and end with a final blow from Icardi.

Icardi levelled the score appeared in 64 minutes, Lin sent clever through balls in the midfield, Icardi hint Rob bonucci lightly push the ball before Gianluigi Buffon guarded the door, it was a very typical Icardi’s goal, reasonable move and precise shot. Sky Sports will be the attack called “perfect attack”! Indeed, from the forest of final blow straight to Icardi, flawless throughout the match. The market hailed the Icardi: “Icardi had given Juventus a heavy blow again, seems to be facing Juventus, he has inexhaustible energy. ”