One person accused of be large penalties Ronaldo Real Madrid penalty count over 10 La Liga teams

Real Madrid away defeat against Valencia, but galaxies in the game onceagain reap the penalty, the Catalan daily sport newspaper said Real Madrid be large penalties, “Real Madrid won the 8 goals in the League,the sum total of this data exceeds 10 La Liga team! ”

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The 13th minute cross corner, Bell headed a CEng, negredo hit the ballarm, Real Madrid win the penalty Ronaldo fencing hits, it’s Ronaldoscored in the 44th penalty in La Liga, equalling Penef, behind HugoSánchez (56 balls) and Coleman (45 balls). Ronaldo also became thegreat leagues, player scored a penalty the most times, 8 times. Worthmentioning is that Real Madrid has 5 times with the penalty kick of theseason to break the deadlock, Spanish history.

The daily sports newspaper stressed the ready availability of Real Madrid in La Liga on penalties, statistics show they are far ahead in apenalty shootout, the penalty at Mestalla Stadium, Real Madrid thisseason in the League’s 8th penalty, averaging almost 0.5-penalty, everyone to two Real Madrid conceded a penalty.