FIFA 15 Genius teenager Fernando Torres will go from here?

Christmas has passed, and we received as a gift or satisfaction? In European football transfer market, today the biggest “gift” is probably the most likely to return to Atletico Torres up! There are no tears?

In addition, we will focus on: Arsenal and Ramos broker contact; Mary Alumni recommended to Manchester United; Manchester City or Buy Atletico Madrid striker; Eto’o could return to La Liga; Inter Milan rented near Bordeaux Chomsky and former Real Madrid midfielder intentionally.

– To be confirmed rumors –
In Spain, “Aspen Daily” reported that Atletico Madrid and Milan general manager of Hill and Chelsea have reached an agreement on the transfer of Torres. Torres return to Atletico almost a foregone conclusion, after a lapse of seven years after El Nino will “go home.” It is reported that he will begin next week at the hands of Simone work, and will force the old club to June 2016. In exchange, Qieer Qi will go to Milan. Meanwhile, the official Milan TV channel –AC Milan also confirmed that negotiations between the two clubs has entered into “a very advanced stage.” It seems on the other official announcement of rhythm? – Transfers possibilities: 60%