FIFA 15: Study Shows Video Game Attracts New Fans To Soccer During Christmas Season

Video games sales tend to spike come the holiday season, and one game seeing growing interest is Electronic Arts (EA) Sports’ “FIFA 15,” with the video game company reporting the United States is not only emerging as the No. 2 best-selling territory but also bringing in new fans to the sport of soccer. “Video games helping to advance the popularity of a sport in America is not a new phenomenon. The Madden games help promote NFL football and the NBA2K series does the same for the NBA. Even UFC video games are being released to help advance the fighting league,” founder and Editor-in Chief of DreamStart Soccer Joseph Hirschhorn Howard told Latin Post. “FIFA plays the same role for soccer in America, and it’s just another way to promote soccer in the U.S.” You can take advantage of the Christmas period, take a look at cheap FIFA 15 coins


New Study Shows That EA Sports FIFA Games Helps Attract New Fans to the Sport of Soccer
The rise in popularity of the video game has given interest in the sport of soccer a big boost with a study conducted by Rich Luker, titled “Luker on Trends – ESPN Sports Poll”. That study showed that 34 percent of EA Sports FIFA gamers end up becoming soccer fans after playing the video game while 50 percent of EA Sports FIFA gamers become more interested in the sport after playing the video game.

Luker on Trends – ESPN Sports Poll Results

Major League Soccer (MLS) has seen how EA Sports has helped expand interest in the sport and partnered with the video game company to help continue with the evolution of the league, including sponsoring EA Sports FIFA 15 launch party held in New York City that also included showcasing their “MLS Next” talent as well as debuting the North American soccer league’s new logo.