Many FIFA fans like to play FIFA 15 on Sunday, although this would cost some of their pocket money on FIFA 15 Coins, but they prefer having a football match with their friends in FIFA 15. Fans should be angry, because FIFA 15 servers are reported as down yesterday.

Reports appeared first on Twitter just after 6PM, UK time, and then on popular outage websites that offer status updates for games. You can clearly see a number of tweets within the screenshot below, as found moments after EA’s FIFA 15 servers went down.

FIFA 15: servers issues all weekend

Status website Down Today also has thousands of reports in regard to EA servers going down throughout 2015. Today, we can see a number of reports already from gamers detailing what problems they have with FIFA 15 and FUT.

Are you having problems getting connected to the FIFA 15 web app and game on PC, or consoles today?