Will FIFA 16 be released at E3 2015

FIFA 15 has been released by EA Sports quite some time ago, where you buy FIFA 15 Coins from, most of FIFA fans are waiting for FIFA 16, which will be greater than FIFA 15. Nonetheless, here we are already dealing with the upcoming FIFA 16.

EA’s next big football simulator for the coming year, as expected, is said to arrive with a host of new options and improvements that will not only augment the single-player version of the game, but will also bring considerable changes to the FUT element of it.

We are still quite some time away from the next FIFA to come around, although that hasn’t stopped the Internet from discussing and deducing the new elements that we might or might not get to see from the game. Nonetheless, here’s a look at what has been said and written about the game so far.

Will FIFA 16 be released at E3 2015

End of Healing Cards?
While recently discussing the game, a VC Post report talked about how EA might consider getting rid of healing cards system since “it is too much of a waste when a player is injured.” With the feature around, however, injured elite players can still take part in the game.

The report added that EA is continuously pushing to add improvements to the game “including variations of card in the player search, removal of healing cards and player free trial.”

Try Before You Buy
The same VC report also says that a certain “Try Before You Buy” feature can also be added so that players can try out an elite player for free prior to purchase. This will give gamers an insight into how well these players perform. “This will help players to save up their hard-earned coins,” VC Post noted.

Another report on the matter also adds that when certain elite players don’t perform the way they are expected, players are forced to sell them off often at a loss. However, with the “Try Before You Buy” feature, EA could look to “restrict” the option an allow only one trial player per match.

Past Player Statistics
The VC Post report also stresses on a ‘Past Player Statistics’ feature. A past player statistics will allow players to look back at their loss, evaluate their goals, assists, clean sheets, pass completion, and everything else. And this seems viable since players often change their teams, try out new cards and formations almost every game.

Change in Gameplay
A host of changes to the titles overall gameplay element has also been discussed. There were a few nibbling issues in FIFA 15 that both the fans and developers will want to address successfully. For instance, reports claim that many complained about how in FIFA 15 handballs were never given. Also, fans are looking forward to a ball-landing indicator every time the ball goes in the air. Others, however, want the game stats to be up along with the season standings at the end of Online Friendlies.

More Interactive Crowds
The crowds in FIFA 15 weren’t lively enough, and accordingly reports have sprung up claiming how the new FIFA will look to right the wrongs in that department. A lot of frustration has been shown from fans in the past who have openly expressed their desires to see flags, banners and chants, included in the actual gameplay. Maybe this is the FIFA where the crowd finally invades the pitch? (We won’t mind one or two streakers as well)

Customisable Tactics
Customisable Tactics are also said to be coming, according to a VC Post report, with FIFA 16. This will allow players to change team’s play style, although the settings might not be saveable for future purposes. This tactic is said to be employed by EA in the next game to the fullest.

Free-Player Packs
Reports have claimed that with FIFA 16, EA will look to give away one free-player pack per week. Free-player packs will allow prudent players to try their lucks at getting try a few of the best names in the market. However, the cards would have to be made untradeable to stop the market from being flooded with coins.

Special Card Position
A special card for position changes may also be on the cards that will allow players to modify their defence-attacks impulse since there are work rate numbers that do not relate much to a player. Reports claim that dropping some attribute cards could also help the player.