In Escape from Tarkov, how to farm money in raids, and how to without risking losing your expensive equipment. In this guide, I will tell you how to quickly farm money in Escape from Tarkov raids without risking losing your expensive equipment.



Before the raid, we need to prepare as cheaply as possible. We take a regular PM, 1 additional magazine, and the cheapest cartridges, a bandage in case of bleeding, and splints in case of a broken leg. We load 2 magazines and put 8 spare bullets in the pouch. That’s it – we’re ready. The total cost of the Zatar at the time of writing the guide is 11k rubles. Sometimes some of these items can be bought at the Flea Market cheaper than from merchants, so the cost can be reduced. Considering that we throw out the bandage, tire, and additional cartridges from the pouch when we find loot, we can call them irrecoverable. The rest can return from the raid with us if we survive. Optionally, you can take some kind of bag and vest of the Wild, but in case of death, our losses increase, and we do not need this. It’s easier to kill the bot and get lost from it.

Raid Farm

The main difficulties that can hinder you are location bosses, parties of 3-4 bots, petitions, and of course, PMCs. Do not forget that we are without armor, and we literally die with a couple of hits, or even with one. We also have the shittiest bullet in the game, so it will be easier to kill the bot with just one shot to the head.

The location is essentially irrelevant. But the Interchange has the most delicious loot in the time/money comparison. Regardless of the location we run, we find loot as quickly as possible that will cover our expenses. It is advisable to immediately find an expensive loot for 1-2 cells, which will cover our zatar and the first-aid kit, which we use in case of death. Although the first aid kit can not be used, but simply wait until the character recovers himself. But this is directly as cheap as possible. It is advisable to kill bots that meet on the way before they notice you. If you see a pack of 3-4 bots in front, we run around. Even if you kill them, most likely you will spend a lot of time and attract the attention of PMCs. Although it’s up to you to decide.

It is advisable to study the prices at the Flea Market in advance in order to know which item should be kept in the pouch, and which one should be thrown away or simply not picked up. Remember to count the price per slot, not the item. If you have 2 packs of nails and 1 corrugated hose, and only 2 slots are free, it would be better to pick up 2 packs of nails. For example, the price of nails is 30k, and the price of a hose is 45k. Although the figure is higher, since the hose has 2 slots, the price for 1 slot for the hose will be 22.5k. Logically, 22.5k is less than 30k.

Do not forget to build the best route for yourself and remember the places where delicious loot is. And remember – never give up. Even if you suddenly met with a PMC, you shouldn’t give up and assume that you have already died. He may turn out to be as bum as you are.


In general, in an unfortunate scenario, where we are killed on the spawn, we lose about 8k rubles – for the pistol and the second magazine, since the rest is already in the pouch. In case of exiting the raid, we can earn from 100k rubles in case of a bad raid to 1kk rubles, if we directly trample on loot. Agree, getting even 500k for just running around without risking yourself is nice. I would not say that it is interesting. But it helps a lot to prepare for stocked raids in full weight. And with Escape from Tarkov money, you can shoot without fear.