Poe 3.6 Zana League Mods Available and User Interface Improvements

Zana, Learn Cartographer is actually a master. Currently being the final learn, her missions and crafting solutions revolve about end-game maps. She also will allow the participant to open up maps in a personal map machine inside of a hideout. When encountering Zana, she is going to give you a range of randomly rolled maps to select from, each individual with different missions. Every single map is going to be magic, unusual or one of a kind could have high-quality, and may be unknown and/or corrupted. Should the map is unidentified, the modifiers will be exposed once the map is entered, and also you is not going to obtain the quantity reward for running an unidentified map. When picked out, she’ll open up 6 portals to your map whereby the mission takes the position. Leaving a normal Zana mission map, no matter whether through a portal or resurrecting at the checkpoint right after dying, only exits the “inner” map. You could possibly reenter a Zana map even right after finishing or failing the mission as long as portals continue being.

Zana League Mods Available During 3.6.0
Zana’s map device options are now unlocked as you progress through the Atlas quest chain. These are the League Mods available during 3.6.0.
Fortune Favours the Brave (costs 3 Chaos Orbs): One of these options will be applied at random, including those you have not yet unlocked.
Alternate of the Same Tier (costs 1 Chaos Orb): Requires a Rare map. Opens a random Rare map of the same tier, excluding the map you placed in the device.
Shaped Tier 1-5 (costs 2 Chaos Orbs): Requires a Rare map. Opens a version of your map at 5 tiers higher, randomly rolled as a Rare.
Shaped Tier 1-10 (costs 6 Chaos Orbs): Requires a Rare map. Opens a version of your map at 5 tiers higher, randomly rolled as a Rare, with a chance to be Corrupted.
Elder Tier 1-15 (costs 15 Chaos Orbs): Requires a Rare map. Opens a version of your map at Tier 16, randomly rolled as a Rare, with a chance to be Corrupted.
Nemesis (costs 2 Chaos Orbs): Rare monsters each have a Nemesis mod, the area contains additional Rare monsters.
Bloodlines (costs 2 Chaos Orbs): Magic Monster Packs each have a Bloodline Mod, Area contains additional Magic Monsters.
Ambush (costs 3 Chaos Orbs): Area contains 3 extra Strongboxes.
Essence (costs 3 Chaos Orbs): Area can contain Essences, Area contains 3 additional Essences.
Breach (costs 4 Chaos Orbs): Area can contain Breaches, Area contains 2 additional Breaches.
Harbinger (costs 4 Chaos Orbs): Area can contain Mysterious Harbingers, Area contains 2 extra Harbingers.
Beyond (costs 4 Chaos Orbs): Slaying Enemies close together can attract monsters from Beyond.

User Interface Improvements
Mod tiers displayed with the Advanced Mod Description key now display their tier based on what that item type can legitimately reach. In other words, a ring with the highest possible Life roll a ring may obtain will now say it is a T1 mod, even if that same mod on a Body Armour would be T5.
The Crafting Bench now displays all mods, not just the mods you have unlocked. Mods you have not yet unlocked are greyed out.
Added minimap icons for the Stash and Guild Stash.
You can now teleport to party members waiting in the Aspirant’s Plaza. Added an error message for when you attempt to teleport to a party member who has been in the Labyrinth long enough for the Aspirant’s Plaza instance to close.
Added more information to the Master level information popup.
Item filters can now filter out Shaper and Elder POE Currency items if that’s something you want to do for some reason.