What Are Your Chances To Own A Headhunter Belt In PoE

In Path of Exile, if you want to own a Headhunter belt, but you usually burn out before level 90, never really had more than a few exaults at a time. What are your chances? What’s the best way to achieve this legendary item? Is this the league to do it? Do you chance belts, buy div cards, kill beasts?

Unlike buy poe orbs, your best bet is just to make the quickest magic find build you can and farm burial chambers until your eyes bleed.

Path of Exile

Take a look at a MF ek nova build, its pretty cheap to set up and has the fastest clear speed. You don’t even need the best gear since your only going to farm a tier 3 map. Probably cost you an exalt or two to set everything up.

Then buy a ton of burial chambers for 1 alc each, sextant them/chisel them and hope for a doctor drop. Sell you first doctor, and buy two ventors, a biscos, and look into transfering into a windripper build. Most of the gear you used on your ek nova build will transfer over.

Then just farm the hell out of burial chambers and hope they drop. Sell the loot to sustain the maps/chisels/sextants and hoard any profit you make to buy doctor cards.

Other methods to get one:

1. Unique Belt Beastcrafting.

2. Chancing leather belts in Zana device modded Nemesis maps.

3. Ancient orb on unique belts also in Zana Nemesis maps.

4. Run Zana Nemesis maps until one drops.

5. “The Wretched” Divination cards.

6. “The Valkyrie” Divination cards.

7. farm Burial chambers/Spider Forest for “The Doctor” divination cards.

8. farm Shrine for “The Fiend” divination cards.

Anyway most of good tips are said already. One more thing that was not said yet is this: Aim for headhunter early in league. Like 1-2 weeks. While it have half its value. If you can rush to maps in day 1 or 2, you can get a lot of currency just selling leveling gear, maps you do not run etc.

Using new economy to your advantage make this high end task a lot easier. And don’t worry. Iam aiming for HH this league also. Not sure if ill farm burials on std or tidal island for saqawine wretch on bestiary. Keeping an eye on poe buy items, you will get more gains.