World Changes In Path of Exile 3.1.0

The War for the Atlas expansion is scheduled to be released on December 8, 2017, along with the Abyss leagues. Now, we shares with you what world changes in Path of Exile 3.1.0. This will help you to comprehend it more deeply.

  • Completing the Mercy Mission quest now rewards players with their choice of Support gem, as well as a flask.
  • The Hedge Maze has been removed and both Chitus’ Plum and the Trial of Ascendancy have been moved into The Imperial Gardens.
  • Story glyphs have been added to areas all throughout Wraeclast, but in particular the areas added in The Fall of Oriath.
  • The Strange Barrel now contains many more ordinary non-swarming things.
  • The Fuel event in The Beacon is now more involved, with extra monster packs spawning during the event.
  • The Southern Forest, especially in Act 6, has been fleshed out. The Act 6 version can now generate Vaal side areas.
  • In the leadup to the Depraved Trinity encounter, the heart-entrances to Maligaro, Shavronne and Doedre’s areas stop beating as you defeat the associated boss.
  • The Templar’s Stash in the Act 10 Ossuary has been renamed to the Sealed Chest. It has been given a new model.
  • Hargan no longer discusses the High Gardens, and talking to him about it is no longer required for the All Ears achievement.
  • Added numerous variations to world areas throughout the campaign. Most areas, in particular areas added in The Fall of Oriath, now have several new possible layouts.
  • Voll’s Proclamation in the Western Forest is now destroyed in Part 2. You should check it out. It’s pretty neat.
  • Updated the minimap icons for doors and area transitions that were missing them.
  • Shrines should no longer appear directly outside Tukohama’s Fortress.
  • Kitava’s arena in Act 10 is now called the Altar of Hunger.
  • Malachai’s journal no longer references an incorrect date.

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