Madden 18: EA Servers Are Frozen And Down

It’s a excited thing to unwrapping a new video game and taste it. But there are some players complain that EA servers are frozen and down, they can’t download Madden 18. It seems everything is fine about EA servers when the fist launch at midnight, but after about one hour players complain that the problem show up and they received the error messages: Our servers cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later.
The Twitter’s reaction screenshot below:
Madden 18: EA Servers Are Frozen And Down Screenshot-1

These problem not only bring Madden fans some bad impression but also impacts other gamer who are playing other EA video games. EA Sports has not release a statement so far about why this happened and when the servers issue will be resolved. Normally, Madden 18 just need a bit time to complete download but now it will take more then an hour for the first file and need to spend longer to complete the full download. Normally the download speed is up to the internet connection.

The EA servers are frozen and down takes players and fans some inconvenience but on the other side does that means the game is too hot? Anyways hope this issue will be solved asap and bring us more amazing experience.